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Can you get better at doing community work?

We think so!  Do you want to learn more about community assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, advocacy, and other aspects of community practice and community change? Then we invite you to check out our website.

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Many readers are by now familiar with the  Community Tool Box ™, a website that provides practical guidance and how-to-do-it information on a wide variety of community-building topics.  With over 300 self-contained instructional sections and over 7000 pages of text, the Tool Box is presently the largest single source of information on community health and development in existence.

Like most successful programs and services, we can’t stay static; we must change and grow with the times.  How can we continue to develop to keep meeting the needs of all those who want to build stronger and healthier communities around the world?  We are addressing that question, both with new activities in progress and with initiatives planned for the future. For example, here are some activities we are working on now:

  • —  Mashups combining Tool Box material with the content of a host website
  • —   Online courses in community development
  • —   New Tool Box sections on Spirituality and Community Building
  • —  Completion of Tool Box translation into Arabic
  • —   Expansion of our Ask an Advisor feature into Spanish

In addition, here are some of our future plans:

  • —  Webinars, either on single topics and/or as part of a series
  • —  Mentoring, of those individuals or groups desiring ongoing consultation
  • —  Partnerships, with other organizations on joint community development projects
  • —  More new Tool Box sections, such as those relating to the arts
  • —  More translation into other languages

Let Us Hear from You!

We at the Community Tool Box™ encourage you to examine and use our resources in your own community activities.  Help us tell others about the resources we provide!  We welcome and value your comments, suggestions, and ideas.

Realistically, to put many of these ideas into practice will take funding.  We are building an endowment to help sustain our work indefinitely into the futureBeyond that, part of our work must necessarily involve seeking and securing adequate financial resources.  In doing so, we certainly welcome your own ideas and resource information.

We at the Community Tool Box are optimistic about our future.  With your support and participation, our reach and our impact will continue to grow.   By working together, we can keep strengthening community life in communities everywhere.

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