The Role of Science in Social Movements – Winnie Chan




RadioActive is an hour long talk show hosted by Natalie Kivell, a Ph.D. candidate in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami. Each week Natalie interviews academics and/or activists from around the world who dive into critical discussions from a Community Psychology lens aimed specifically at addressing structural inequality and the root causes of our complex social problems. The show aims to provoke listeners to think differently about social change and social justice to help shift how we think, act and react to social change efforts in our research and practice.

RadioActive airs every Sunday at 6pm on out of the University of Miami student radio station.

Winnie Chan joins Natalie to share her new paper entitled “From Moment to Movement: Empowerment and Resilience as a Framework for Collective Action in Hong Kong”. Dr. Chan takes us through the current and historical context of Hong Kong, how the Hong Kong fight for liberation is linked to broader policy and history, and how empowerment and resilience inform the initial and sustained involvement in movement work in the Hong Kong context. We also discuss how her research can inform movement work around the world as we are in an important historical moment. The more we know, the better the resistance can be. Science plays an important role in how we conceive, implement and sustain social movement and social change efforts.

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