Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice


Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice

Digital storytelling process starts with telling a story, getting feedback, and then re-telling the story in a more empowered way.

Re-Writing Our Stories through Digital Storytelling

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Community digital storytelling is a form of action research that can effectively communicate different perspectives. We created a model for interventions that combine digital storytelling, narrative inquiry, and facilitated peer-to-peer work to create a space for collective empowerment.

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Participatory Action Research: An example from the Stand Up to Bullying Project

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submitted by Ashley Simons-Rudolph Despite a flurry of recent attention, we have not made sufficient progress in how we address bullying. Bullying, defined by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is the intentional, unwanted, aggressive behavior between youths that are not siblings or dating partners that is repeated, or is likely […]

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