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Featured Research

Here we showcase a sample of current research conducted within and about communities.

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Addressing a Frequent Practitioner Question Through Synthesizing Research & Practice Wisdom

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While guidance from organizations ranging from the American College Health Association to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault to the Centers for Disease Control recommends that campuses address alcohol and sexual assault, there is limited concrete guidance as to how campus practitioners should actually do so. To address this critical […]

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Community-Based Research With Urban American Indians

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Hartmann, W. E., Wendt, D. C., Saftner, M. D., Marcus, J. D., & Momper, S. M. “Why is it important to learn about urban American Indian communities as well as reservation communities?“ Despite the 1976 Indian Health Care Improvement Act, physical and mental health disparities exist in many American Indian (AI) populations. Approximately 70% of […]

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Photograph of an African American scholar

Campus Racial Climate for African Americans Scale

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Many institutions of higher learning regularly conduct “campus climate” surveys to assess student perceptions and concerns. For my dissertation, I created a campus racial climate measure specifically for African American college students. The goal was to develop a culturally-relevant measure for this population, basing the questions on the experiences of African American college students.

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