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Our vision is to be a place where those engaged in community work can share their knowledge and expertise. We have curated a few pieces that are exceptionally relevant today.

Photograph of a Screening

Screen Mothers, Help Kids: An Innovative Community-Based Partnership Helps Amplify the Voices of Children

Posted in: Violence Prevention | Tags:
Children are often the unheard voices of domestic violence. Screening mothers for the impact of domestic violence on their kids is one way to connect kids with appropriate DV services in the community.

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Logo from CBTL Collective

Creating a Healing Community to Promote Racial Justice

Posted in: Anti-Racism, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
Alternative settings, like CBTL can provide relational healing spaces grounded in collectively held values of care, recognition, and reciprocity. CBTL exists within contexts of race and coloniality, but seeks to form solidarities, broader practices, and ways of relating within creative industries.

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Photograph of student teaching

“Here to Stay”: A High School Course formed with Community Psychology

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
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Latinx high school students co-create and co-lead a course focused on identity and social action providing an example for others creating transformative educational opportunities for marginalized students.

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Photograph of Microphone

The Community Psychologist Podcast: Alesha Bond

Posted in: Education, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
Georgia State University graduate student Alesha Bond discusses the necessity of student organizing to push for change and the intersections of her research and organizing. Alesha shares some accomplishments, discusses the challenge of navigating power differentials, and provides advice to graduate student organizers.

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Photograph of a support group

Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness in Communities of Color

Posted in: Anti-Racism, Mental Health | Tags:
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We can take an action-oriented approach to identify how cultural aspects of mental illness stigma manifest for racial and ethnic minority groups in the United States. Culturally salient interventions can promote change and empowerment at systemic and individual levels.

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Photograph of protest

The Roles of Settings in Supporting Immigrants’ Resistance to Injustice and Oppression: A Policy Position Statement by the Society for Community Research and Action

Posted in: Immigrant Justice | Tags:
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Settings of various sizes and scopes can support immigrants’ resistance to oppression. This policy statement describes how.

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