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Our vision is to be a place where those engaged in community work can share their knowledge and expertise. We have curated a few pieces that are exceptionally relevant today.

Photograph of a timepiece

Time Well Spent (in communities)

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Advance beyond traditional methods of psychology by recording the contexts in which they are embedded.

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Leonard Jason, director of the Center for Community Research

How and Why Community Psychology Focuses on Prevention

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Lenny Jason explains that Psychology is more than therapy by examining the field of community psychology.

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A Love Letter to Marie Jahoda

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Marie Jahoda’s early multi-method work and strengths-based community perspective makes her a grandmother in the field of Community Psychology.

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Photograph of Project Participants

Hands Across the Hills

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The United States feels divided by race, social class, and political ideologies. Hands Across the Hills seeks to increase personal connections and promote greater understanding.

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Photograph of Louis Brown

Living Community Psychology-Louis Brown

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For this installment, we feature Louis Brown of El Paso, Texas. Louis’ original focus, starting in graduate school, was on mental health self-help consumer groups, but his eventual move to a heavily Latino population on the U.S.-Mexico border and to a school of public health, have led to a broadened perspective, to multiple health-related issues, […]

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