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Our vision is to be a place where those engaged in community work can share their knowledge and expertise. We have curated a few pieces that are exceptionally relevant today.

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An Open-Access Textbook for Students, Teachers, Community-Based Organizations, Researchers, and Others

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A free e-Textbook providing examples of Community Psychology practice. Case studies highlight transformational work happening in communities globally. Students say, “The book is helpful in moving theory to practice.”

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How do we get real about evaluation for racial equity? 

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The W.K. Kellogg Foundation and led by Community Science provides three easy-to-use resources help evaluators integrate racial equity principles into their daily work.

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Don’t Throw It Away – Give It Away: Recycling Electronic Tech to Underserved Communities

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Increasing technology access for all is a crucial issue affecting vulnerable populations. Specific interventions focused on increasing access to knowledge about technology, technological skills and development, and technological infrastructure are important for creating a more socially just world and workforce.

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Online Youth Mentoring: Creating a Safe and Comfortable Space can Result in Meaningful Digital Connections

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The individual effort of youth mentors during the COVID-19 pandemic showed commitment and intentionality. Mentoring programs can develop emergency plans (like moving to digital operations) to prepare for unexpected events with the intention of ensuring continuous support for mentees.

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CounterStorytelling as Radical Inclusion and Resistance

Posted in: Anti-Racism, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy | Tags:
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Miya people in Northeast India are actively resisting state violence. The Miya Community Research Collective supports counterstorytelling; making space for the Miya people to claim their identities and assert their rights.

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A Collaboration Framework for Environmental Sustainability

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A people-focused approach is a new framework for working within or alongside organizations to bring about sustainability-related changes. Community Psychologists can work beside people within an organization to support them as they embed a sustainability culture.

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Screen Mothers, Help Kids: An Innovative Community-Based Partnership Helps Amplify the Voices of Children

Posted in: Violence Prevention | Tags:
Children are often the unheard voices of domestic violence. Screening mothers for the impact of domestic violence on their kids is one way to connect kids with appropriate DV services in the community.

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Creating a Healing Community to Promote Racial Justice

Posted in: Anti-Racism, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
Alternative settings, like CBTL can provide relational healing spaces grounded in collectively held values of care, recognition, and reciprocity. CBTL exists within contexts of race and coloniality, but seeks to form solidarities, broader practices, and ways of relating within creative industries.

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“Here to Stay”: A High School Course formed with Community Psychology

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
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Latinx high school students co-create and co-lead a course focused on identity and social action providing an example for others creating transformative educational opportunities for marginalized students.

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The Community Psychologist Podcast: Alesha Bond

Posted in: Education, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
Georgia State University graduate student Alesha Bond discusses the necessity of student organizing to push for change and the intersections of her research and organizing. Alesha shares some accomplishments, discusses the challenge of navigating power differentials, and provides advice to graduate student organizers.

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