Connecting many diverse sources of knowledge as well as facilitating broad understanding is a central value within the field of Community Psychology. As such, we maintain this list of resources and ask for your contributions.




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New Open Access Community Psychology Textbook

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Students and community members may access a free introduction to the field, the methods and theories, frameworks for understanding communities, intervention and prevention strategies used by community psychologists, tools for creating change on multiple levels, and guidance on the various paths one can take as a community psychologist

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Community Advocacy: A Psychologist’s Toolkit for State and Local Advocacy

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The Community Advocacy Toolkit is a result of a joint effort between four divisions of the American Psychological Association (APA): Division 17, the Society of Counseling Psychology; Division 27, the Society for Community Research and Action; Division 35, the Society for the Psychology of Women; and Division 45, the Society for the Psychological Study of […] Read More

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Creating Accessible Community Psychology Documents and Websites-Some Helpful Tips

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Why Accessibility? What is Universal Design? We want for our SCRA-affiliated and Community Psychology materials to be widely used and shared by our members and community. We want to share what we know in accordance with our own organizational values for social justice. Our communities are diverse and differently-abled in terms of how we use […] Read More

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Bringing together the myriad of international scholars and practitioners to advance the work on sense of community.

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A Few Media Tips

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Ashley Simons-Rudolph The following are based on a discussion facilitated with the SCRA Practice Council August 25, 2018. They represent the thoughts/experiences of the author only. Each situation is unique. Please consider using multiple approaches in your overall media strategy. General Approach LOTS of different kinds of media; be proactive Defensive mode?-Consider seeking expert Empower […] Read More

Building Skills with the Community Tool Box

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People – locally and globally – can change and improve conditions that affect their lives. How? We can become more effective by learning and applying community-building skills. The Community Tool Box ™ is a website that provides practical guidance, tips, tools, and how-to-do-it information on a wide variety of community skills. It is intended to […] Read More

 What’s New with the Community Tool Box?

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Many readers are by now familiar with the  Community Tool Box ™, a website that provides practical guidance and how-to-do-it information on a wide variety of community-building topics.  With over 300 self-contained instructional sections and over 7000 pages of text, the Tool Box is presently the largest single source of information on community health and […] Read More

Job Seeking Advice in Community Psychology by Olya Glantsman and Judah Viola

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Whether you are beginning your career or trying to expand or shift into a new arena, there are lots of options and opportunities.

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Competencies for Community Psychology Practice

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After the 2011 Biennial, the Community Psychology Practice Council and the Council of Education Programs appointed a task group focused on defining practice competencies for the field. These competencies were developed with the intent to communicate the nature and contributions of community psychology practice to prospective students and psychological colleagues, and to articulate for prospective employers the […] Read More