Prioritizing the Local in an Era of Globalization – Urmitapa Dutta




RadioActive is an hour long talk show hosted by Natalie Kivell, a Ph.D. candidate in Community Well-Being at the University of Miami. Each week Natalie interviews academics and/or activists from around the world who dive into critical discussions from a Community Psychology lens aimed specifically at addressing structural inequality and the root causes of our complex social problems. Each week the show aims to provoke listeners to think differently about social change and social justice to help shift how we think, act and react to social change efforts in our research and practice.

RadioActive airs every Sunday at 6pm on out of the University of Miami student radio station.

On this episode of RadioActive you hear an interview with Dr. Urmitapa Dutta during the 2017 Society for Community Research and Action conference held in Ottawa Canada. Urmi discusses the role of knowledge construction in the margins as discussed in her paper “Prioritizing the Local in an Era of Globalization: A Proposal for Decentering Community Psychology” published in the American Journal of Community Psychology. Through her work in her home community in India Dr. Dutta brings forward different examples from her work that demonstrate the importance for grassroots knowledge construction to address power and injustice.

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