Rather than considering practice and research as unique, Community Psychologists understand that these processes inform each other. As such, both are necessary to better the human condition. We actively work to connect with community practitioners in community psychology, community development, public health and other areas.



Community Psychology Practice

Unintended Consequences of Community Partnerships

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Good intentions are never enough. Sometimes, there are unintended consequences of our community partnerships.

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Making Higher Education More Accessible in Rural Hawai’i

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Education Centers in rural communities can serve a vital role as “access points” to higher education.

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership (SEREP) is an interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, community-university collaborative. The long-term goal is to build on the organically grown local equine ecosystem to bring community, economic, and workforce development to a rural region in the southeastern United States.

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Job Seeking Advice in Community Psychology by Olya Glantsman and Judah Viola

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Whether you are beginning your career or trying to expand or shift into a new arena, there are lots of options and opportunities.

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Creating a Student Veteran Resource Center

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In this participatory action research study, student veterans at a small midwestern community college collaborated to develop engaging programs and resources for veterans transitioning from soldier to student. Most notably, the veteran group worked with college administration as well as veteran organizations and community partners to develop a Veterans Resource Center (VRC) on campus.

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Strengthening Schools by Building Community Partnerships with Law Enforcement, Behavioral Health Services, and Family Supports

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Judith Meyers, Jeana Bracey, and Jeffery Vanderploeg, with Ashley Simons-Rudolph “By diverting youth from juvenile justice involvement and connecting them to resources that address the underlying issues that contribute to challenging behaviors, there is a triple benefit of better outcomes for youth, better outcomes for schools, and significant cost savings.” The Connecticut School-Based Diversion Initiative […] Read More

Competencies for Community Psychology Practice

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After the 2011 Biennial, the Community Psychology Practice Council and the Council of Education Programs appointed a task group focused on defining practice competencies for the field. These competencies were developed with the intent to communicate the nature and contributions of community psychology practice to prospective students and psychological colleagues, and to articulate for prospective employers the […] Read More

Living Community Psychology – Kyrah Brown

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This installment features Kyrah K. Brown, an early career community psychologist who has always been an activist in her communities — a perfect fit for Community Psychology. Although she struggled at finding a position after earning her doctorate, she eventually landed a challenging and rewarding position in the nonprofit world. Her story is instructive for […] Read More