Job Seeking Advice in Community Psychology by Olya Glantsman and Judah Viola

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Hi, we are Olya Glantsman, a visiting professor of Psychology at DePaul University and Judah Viola, a dean of the College of Professional Studies and Advancement at National Louis University in Chicago. Last month we celebrated the release of our book titled Diverse Careers in Community Psychology.

The idea for the Diverse Careers in Community Psychology was born as a response to the question often posed by our students: “What can I do with a degree in Community Psychology?” Each time we got this question, we became more and more convinced that a text like this is long overdue for students (undergraduate or graduate), professionals looking to expand, shift, or change their career, and anyone who is mentoring or advising community minded students or employees.

Below are some hot tips we culled from the results of an extensive career survey of over 400-plus participants and 23 chapters written by over 30 different community psychologists (CPs) with various backgrounds.

Hot Tips: When looking for a job

  • Keep in mind, that those with community-oriented degrees do not have a problem finding a job
  • Many professionals successfully market their job skills and competencies rather than their degree and really find a “niche” – using unique interests and talents that the organization or team needs
  • A large number of survey participants have cited using Practice Competencies in helping them secure a job and using the same competencies throughout their work
    • All respondents reported using between five and fourteen competencies
  • When searching for a practice job, start preparing while still in training, cast a broad net, and search multiple disciplines
  • Obtaining mentorship and networking are two of the most important activities one can participate in.
    • More than half (59%) of survey respondents reported that they found out about their current job through networking

Rad Resources: Job Search

Rad Resources: Job Training

Whether you are beginning your career or trying to expand or shift into a new arena, there are lots of options and opportunities. Whatever your journey, we hope you would find more helpful tips and hints in our book.

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