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We believe that everyone working for social justice through the collaboration of research and action has knowledge to share.  We want to increase the visibility and accessibility of the work of Community Psychology by Community Psychologists and others.

To create a submission for consideration, please choose the most appropriate form:

Published work includes research studies and practicums which have been published in the formal, peer-reviewed academic literature, but could be promoted in a different way through this site.

Unpublished work includes information about community programs, research, and practice that have not been published in the academic literature.  This may contain information about community work that has been published elsewhere (e.g. newsletters, grant reports) or nowhere at all.  Unpublished work may include ongoing projects which hold general interest and/or early empirical findings which may help others working in the field just like you.

Work from diverse perspectives and especially work from non-PhDs who are active in the community are particularly encouraged!

SCRA's capacity for getting research-based information out into the world and reaching non-academic audiences is a tremendous asset for scholars looking to have real-world impact. The communications team makes the process very seamless, guiding non-academic writing, formatting in an appealing way, then disseminating broadly. -Taylor Scott promotes important ideas through a series of pieces named "Entry Point."  The purpose of Entry Point is to engage people through a brief and easy-to-read introduction to all of the different kinds of work that is happening in communities.  The Entry Point piece can be focused on a specific project, a body of work, or a research publication.  Entry Points will be short in length and they will share additional resources where readers can learn more.

We hope that you will submit your ideas!  Our aim is to make the submission process as straightforward as we can to attract a variety of contributors in practice, research, and within communities. After you submit the form, our Outreach Communications Specialist will contact you to discuss next steps.

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