Sense of Community


Sense of Community

A psychological sense of community is a term intended to describe the experience and feeling of a community rather than a description of its structure and rules. This psychological sense of being is one of the foundational concepts in the field of Community Psychology.

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Improving After-School Programming

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We can improve the effectiveness of afterschool programs by setting high expectations for youth, encouraging staff teamwork and engagement, and providing opportunities for staff to personally identify with youth they are serving.

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Time Well Spent (in communities)

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Advance beyond traditional methods of psychology by recording the contexts in which they are embedded.

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What is Life Like in an Immigrant Detention Center?

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The inhumanity of detention has far reaching effects on communities outside of the detention facility.

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How to Use Feedback Loops to Engage your Community

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Involving marginalized voices in the community can be difficult. The Feedback Loop process is one way to more authentically engage more folks.

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Just Living is Not Enough: Community Gardens Promote Life and Connection to Others

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Community gardens are more than pretty spaces. We can (and should) measure pro-social community-level programs to better understand how and why they work.

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Do Others Understand Us? – Dr. Chris Keys, Dr. Crystal Steltenpohl, Kevin Ryan & Jordan Reed

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On this episode of RadioActive I bring you the Online Technologies Lab researchers who shared their work on Online Fighting Game Communities.

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Sense of Community: Let’s Build it Together!

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One of every 30 people live outside of their country of birth. Immigrants and longer-term residents often transform their sense of community—their feelings of belonging and mattering to the community, and beliefs that they will meet their needs through the community—in the new communities they share together.

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Unintended Consequences of Community Partnerships

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Good intentions are never enough. Sometimes, there are unintended consequences of our community partnerships.

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership (SEREP) is an interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, community-university collaborative. The long-term goal is to build on the organically grown local equine ecosystem to bring community, economic, and workforce development to a rural region in the southeastern United States.

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People of Color Experience Discrimination Within LGBT Spaces

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We examine processes of minority stress and community resilience among racially diverse sexual minority men. Our findings suggest that connection to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community plays a more central role in mediating minority stress processes for White sexual minority men than it does for sexual minority men of color.

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