Rural Communities


Rural Communities

Although much prior community work has been conducted in urban and suburban areas, Community Psychologists actively study and practice in areas with low population density. Rural communities comprise a number of geographic features including farmland, prairies, tropical areas, and wetlands. We believe that people within communities should be able to define themselves and thus our labeling of “rural” reflects that of our contributors and the people from the communities with which they work.

Picture Representation of Definition of Rural

“Rural is…”Toward a Working Definition

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What is rural? We explore this topic with an overview of commonly used definitions, commentary on their gaps, and thoughts about alternative ways to classify “rural communities.”

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Photograph of rural Australia

Residential Mobility as a Community Organizing Concern in Rural Australia

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Lack of attention to the contexts for mobility has led to contradictions in public discourse. Over-generalization risks losing the necessary complexity to develop appropriate policy.

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Photograph of Project Participants

Hands Across the Hills

Posted in: Coalition Building, Inspiration, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Rural Communities | Tags:
The United States feels divided by race, social class, and political ideologies. Hands Across the Hills seeks to increase personal connections and promote greater understanding.

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Making Higher Education More Accessible in Rural Hawai’i

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Education Centers in rural communities can serve a vital role as “access points” to higher education.

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership

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The Southeast Equine Research and Education Partnership (SEREP) is an interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, community-university collaborative. The long-term goal is to build on the organically grown local equine ecosystem to bring community, economic, and workforce development to a rural region in the southeastern United States.

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