Poverty and Socioeconomic Status


Poverty and Socioeconomic Status

Poverty impacts the ability to access needed resources as well as the function of communities. Community Psychologists realize that low-resource communities are vulnerable to decreases in mental health and wellness.

Addressing the Social Determinants of Health with CBPR

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Differential access to social, economic, and environmental supports puts communities at risk for disparities in health and well‐being. CBPR is a promising approach to address the social determinants of health.

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The Scalability of Mentoring

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Group mentoring is a promising strategy for building resilience among young people vulnerable to school dropout. Mentoring in small groups is more scalable than traditional one-on-one mentoring.

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Community-Academic Partnerships: Learning Even More During COVID-19

Posted in: Coalition Building, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Community/Academic partnerships can serve marginalized communities by mobilizing resources in areas where health care access is otherwise unavailable. However, relationship-building can be difficult with consideration to power differentials. Integrating community-based participatory principles into partnerships has strong potential to demonstrate a sustainable network.

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Blended Conscientisation Methods Uncover Structural Roots of Individualized Problems

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Current development work can strengthen oppression and sustain de-humanisation. High levels of anxiety, shame, and hopelessness encourage dependency on existing power structures rather than collective action. Feelings of insecurity can point to a wider structural colonisation.

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After COVID-19: How School-Based Health Centers Can Help When Schools Re-Open

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Healthcare, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
By linking Community Psychology principles with health information, School-Based Health Centers (SBHC)s represent needed infrastructure when schools re-open after stay-at-home orders related to COVID-19.

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Learn from Our Mistakes: Challenges and Opportunities in Randomized Housing-First Communities

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Buy-in and trust with organization- and policy-level stakeholders is crucial. Tensions between organizational culture and the research protocol should be addressed, such as reluctance to support a randomized design.

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood-Which One?

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Youth may define their neighborhood differently than where they reside and may feel greater community engagement and ownership in the neighborhood that hosts their activities. Interventions can more effectively target youth within their perceived community space.

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More than Filling Empty Bellies: How Food Banks are Evolving to Nourish Community Health

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Food insecurity is related to poor nutrition and many other negative health outcomes. Food banks can and should implement nutrition policies.

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Figure 1. The Community Resilience Framework

A Framework to Build Resilience

Posted in: Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Prevention Science
The Community Resilience Framework is a starting point for systemic assessment of resilience building efforts at the community level.

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Impact of Community Violence on Youth

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Mental Health, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Community violence impacts all youth, not just youth who are directly exposed to the violence.

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