We define community broadly and engage in communities of many kinds. Pieces are arranged topically and the list of issue topics is continually expanding.

Photograph of a crossroads

Paying Time After Time: The Costs of Criminal Record Stigma

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Perceived stigma is common among people with criminal records. We can reduce criminal record stigma and discrimination and provide work and social opportunities to enhance quality of life post-incarceration.

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What We Agreed: The Community Vision

Posted in: Marginalized Groups
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We are living through the worst time in our modern history. Strong statement? Not strong enough.

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COVID-19 Pandemic Arrives Unevenly in Rural America

Posted in: Rural Communities
The COVID-19 pandemic was initially slow to arrive in rural counties across the United States. Yet risks of exposure, patterns of spread, and outcomes of infection are uneven and intersect with existing inequalities.

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Prepare for Action

Posted in: Coalition Building
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As a field Community Psychology has identified how structural inequities and lack of resources yield systemic wellbeing disparities. Change is occurring through COVID-19.

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Photograph of mentor and mentees

The Scalability of Mentoring

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Group mentoring is a promising strategy for building resilience among young people vulnerable to school dropout. Mentoring in small groups is more scalable than traditional one-on-one mentoring.

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Photograph of a blue ribbon

Rethinking Human Trafficking Representation

Posted in: Healthcare, Public Policy
A narrow set of images has restricted the understanding of human trafficking. As many trafficking victims cross the healthcare system at some point during their captivity, providers can identify and potentially help victims become survivors by better understanding the signs of human trafficking.

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Cartoon of a gang

Gender, Gangs, and Risk-Taking

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups
Close, emotional proximity to street gangs provide excitement that can become an addiction. While young males are more likely directly involved in gangs, young women derive excitement from their indirect affiliation and support of gang members.

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SCRA Statement in Support of Christchurch, New Zealand, In Condemnation of White Supremacy: Call to Action

Posted in: Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
Disclaimer: This is an official statement of the Society for Community Research and Action, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association, and does not represent the position of the American Psychological Association or any of its other Divisions or subunits. The Society for Community Research and Action (SCRA) – Division 27 of the American Psychological […]

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Community-Academic Partnerships: Learning Even More During COVID-19

Posted in: Coalition Building, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Community/Academic partnerships can serve marginalized communities by mobilizing resources in areas where health care access is otherwise unavailable. However, relationship-building can be difficult with consideration to power differentials. Integrating community-based participatory principles into partnerships has strong potential to demonstrate a sustainable network.

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Child Labor Trafficking is a Health Care Issue

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Public Policy
A brief overview of the current extent and implications of child labor trafficking, why it’s a healthcare issue, and actionable pathways to mitigate the problem.

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