Mental Health


Mental Health

Good mental health is the goal of psychology as a field. Community Psychologists impact the field of psychology by promoting the ways in which social, community, and environmental factors impact psychological wellness as well as access to mental health care.

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Body Mapping: Measuring Well During the Swell

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Creative expression in nature can be empowering for vulnerable groups. There is a growing body of evidence for the benefits of “blue space.”Surf therapy can be a restorative experience, particularly for children with Autism. Body Mapping can be used to help create a richer picture of the potential health and wellbeing outcomes.

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Surf’s Up for Youth Mental Health

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Environment, Marginalized Groups, Mental Health
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Surf therapy, an emerging intervention, can increase hope among youth at-promise. Surf therapy is an effective intervention to increase positive self-identity, and feelings of safety and inclusion.

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Examination of a Culturally Specific Group Intervention for African American Survivors of Sexual Assault

Posted in: Marginalized Groups, Mental Health
SCRA Thesis Award Grantee Report: A Phenomenological Analysis of a Culturally Specific Intervention for African American Women

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Don’t Start and End with ACEs: How Protective Factors Explain Youth Health

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Protective factors can mitigate the impact of ACEs and are just as important to understand a child’s physical and emotional health.

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What is Trauma-Informed Care: An Example

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Childhood trauma and adversity are associated with chronic health and behavioral health problems. In a systems-wide approach to trauma, all individuals within the organization play a role in helping treat a child.

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Schools Can Do More to Help Students with Trauma Histories

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Most school programs are individual and group-based interventions. Classroom-based and school-wide programs remain largely untested yet remain promising.

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When Healing Looks Like Justice: An Interview with Harvard Psychologist Joseph Gone (from Mad in America, 10/8/19)

Posted in: Mental Health
Community Psychologist, Joseph Gone considers historical trauma and the role of Indigenous healing in mental health.

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Mental Well-Being in Men of Color

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We can use lived experience to generate strategies to enhance the mental health and well-being of men of color.

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Impact of Community Violence on Youth

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Mental Health, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Community violence impacts all youth, not just youth who are directly exposed to the violence.

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Preventing Future Crime by Addressing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Later Non-Consensual Sexual Experiences in a Community Context

Posted in: Criminal Justice, Mental Health
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Trauma history is linked with later criminal activity. Rehabilitation through the Justice System is limited when it does not address the sexual trauma history of inmates. More work needs to be done to address the cycle of sexual violence within the community.

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