Marginalized Groups


Marginalized Groups

We believe that historical injustices create multi-generational patterns of discrimination. Much of Community Psychology injects this perspective within their work on every topic. Some research focuses exclusively/primarily on groups impacted by injustice and marginalization.

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The Psychological Value of Activism

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LGBTQ & GNC youth experience economic hardships and social stress in ways that continue to pose a threat to their health and well-being. Engaging in activist efforts can potentially improve their health in addition to furthering social change.

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What is Decolonialization and Where did it Come From?

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Colonization is the exploitation of resources and imposition of European cultures and geopolitical powers upon Indigenous (native) cultures. Learn more about its impact today.

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Pathways to Decolonizing the Sex Industries

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Former sex worker, Christa Sacco discusses decoloniality by and with people in the sex industries to inspire a different type of conversation around the sex industries, sex  work, and human trafficking.

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What is Life Like in an Immigrant Detention Center?

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The inhumanity of detention has far reaching effects on communities outside of the detention facility.

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Infograph: Effects of Deportation and Forced Separation on Immigrants, their Families, and Communities

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Immigrant Justice, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
A companion to our policy statement, this infographic is useful for immigration-related advocacy.

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Effectos de la Deportación y la Separación Forzada

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
La deportación tiene numerosos impactos perjudiciales no solo en las personas que son deportadas, sino también en las familias y en las comunidades a las que estas se ven obligadas a dejar atrás. Los cambios en las políticas de los Estados Unidos sobre inmigración y deportación afectan a los individuos, las familias y las comunidades en las que ocurren las […]

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With Racism Everywhere, What makes Youth “Engage Against the Machine?”

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Activism is a crucial part of the democratic process. Social action can be helpful in combating the exhaustion of daily inequality.

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Demystifying Decolonialization: A Practical Example from the Classroom

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Decolonization is a process of examining and undoing unearned privilege resulting from historical and present day injustice. As a process, decolonization can push students from apathy to develop a sense of activism.

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What is Fat Activism? A Dialogue about Body Diversity and Weight Stigma – Lauren Munro

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In this episode of RadioActive Lauren Munro, a Ph.D. student at Wilifrid Laurier University, explains what fat activism is and how the social movement challenges stigmas around fatness.

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Sexual Violence and Sexual Minority Women – Dr. Tracy Hipp

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Dr. Tracy Hipp is a Community Psychology graduate from Georgia State University who has focused her research on developing an understanding of the experiences of sexual violence of non-heterosexual and non gender conforming women through the inclusion of their often excluded voices.

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