Marginalized Groups


Marginalized Groups

We believe that historical injustices create multi-generational patterns of discrimination. Much of Community Psychology injects this perspective within their work on every topic. Some research focuses exclusively/primarily on groups impacted by injustice and marginalization.

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Blended Conscientisation Methods Uncover Structural Roots of Individualized Problems

Posted in: Coalition Building, Marginalized Groups, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Current development work can strengthen oppression and sustain de-humanisation. High levels of anxiety, shame, and hopelessness encourage dependency on existing power structures rather than collective action. Feelings of insecurity can point to a wider structural colonisation.

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Principles-Focused Evaluation: Collaborating for Equity and Justice

Posted in: Marginalized Groups, Prevention Science
Incorporating a Principles-Focused Evaluation approach maintains focus on the shared values held throughout the community. Learn how to use a Principles-Focused Evaluation approach for evaluating collaborative work toward equity and justice.

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Engaging Stakeholders about the “Wicked Problem” of Educational–Behavioral Health Disparities

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Many important societal problems can be defined as “wicked” because they have multiple, complex causes, impact individuals in different ways, and do not lend themselves to simple solutions. Researchers should seek to collaborate with the individuals most affected by the topic under study so that any (partial) solutions to identified problems can be informed by […]

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Surf’s Up for Youth Mental Health

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Environment, Marginalized Groups, Mental Health
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Surf therapy, an emerging intervention, can increase hope among youth at-promise. Surf therapy is an effective intervention to increase positive self-identity, and feelings of safety and inclusion.

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Critical Reflection as an Antidote for Oppression

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Critical reflection is associated with lower levels of internalized oppression and higher levels of collective efficacy. It can liberate people from oppressive ideologies and empower them to resist social injustice.

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Learn from Our Mistakes: Challenges and Opportunities in Randomized Housing-First Communities

Posted in: Marginalized Groups, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Prevention Science
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Buy-in and trust with organization- and policy-level stakeholders is crucial. Tensions between organizational culture and the research protocol should be addressed, such as reluctance to support a randomized design.

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Examination of a Culturally Specific Group Intervention for African American Survivors of Sexual Assault

Posted in: Marginalized Groups, Mental Health
SCRA Thesis Award Grantee Report: A Phenomenological Analysis of a Culturally Specific Intervention for African American Women

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Faith, Conservatism, and Discrimination

Posted in: Marginalized Groups
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Despite significant strides for sexual and gender minority (SGM) rights in the United States, there continues to be opposition to these rights from many conservative Christians and political conservatives. This study advances the understanding of how unawareness of Christian privilege and support for Christian hegemony help to explain the association between Christian and political conservatism and […]

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Many Go Undiagnosed: Youth May Have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups
Of the youth diagnosed with ME/CFS, less than 5% had been previously diagnosed with the illness; a higher percentage being African American and LatinX.

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Trust, Momentum, and Readiness: Trust-Building in Police-Community Partnerships

Posted in: Criminal Justice, Marginalized Groups
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Serve & Connect has a mission to ignite positive change and strengthen communities through building positive police and community partnerships. Read more on how Serve & Connect has developed a comprehensive, evidence-informed, community-centered model for promoting safety, resilience, and well-being to facilitate positive community level change through effective community collaboration.

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