Marginalized Groups


Marginalized Groups

We believe that historical injustices create multi-generational patterns of discrimination. Much of Community Psychology injects this perspective within their work on every topic. Some research focuses exclusively/primarily on groups impacted by injustice and marginalization.

Lab as Family: Creating Kinship Networks on Campus for Community-Based Work

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Students exist within and in between larger structures that often shape the path of their educational experiences and success. Appreciating their ecological context helps us to understand that the success of our students lies in the responsibility of the student as well as the mentor (faculty, staff, and administrator) of the campus they attend.

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Know Your Rights

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9/11/2017  From the National Immigrant Justice Center, Know your Rights has been updated to reflect new policies and procedures related to immigration and DACA. View or Print Documents Below: Know Your Rights, Espanol Know Your Rights 2017

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