Community Psychologists promote research, teaching, and action related to global climate change and environmental degradation. We focus on environmental justice, particularly how environmental change affects and often perpetuates social inequality.

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Apply Community Psychology Principles to Reduce Carbon Emissions

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A Call to Action by Christopher Corbett Citizens–not politicians–are urgently needed and create the demand for renewable energy.  Will you join in the battle to help prevent climate change? In Part I: Community Psychology and the Resist Movement (Corbett, 2017, a), I made the case that there is a moral obligation to resist our elected […]

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Reducing Conflict and Promoting Community through Youth Gardening

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The SCRA Social Justice Mini-grant program provided seeds for the development of a vegetable garden for youth at a detention center (Boy’s Totem Town) located St. Paul, MN. Beginning in May 2017, youth participated in a vegetable garden program that taught them the principles of environmental sustainability, healthful and nutritious diets, and responsible ecological practices.

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