Coalition Building


Coalition Building

Coalitions are alliances built to address certain issues or pursue tangible goals. Community Psychologists study the ways in which community-based coalitions are formed as well as characteristics of successful coalitions that can be replicated.

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 What’s New with the Community Tool Box?

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Many readers are by now familiar with the  Community Tool Box ™, a website that provides practical guidance and how-to-do-it information on a wide variety of community-building topics.  With over 300 self-contained instructional sections and over 7000 pages of text, the Tool Box is presently the largest single source of information on community health and […]

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Sustaining Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Community Coalitions

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What is left after the funding ends, staff leave, and programming decreases?  Can we build coalitions that survive and even thrive after the research study?  The answer is a resounding “yes!” We provide some key elements of sustainable coalition building.

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Competencies for Community Psychology Practice

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After the 2011 Biennial, the Community Psychology Practice Council and the Council of Education Programs appointed a task group focused on defining practice competencies for the field. These competencies were developed with the intent to communicate the nature and contributions of community psychology practice to prospective students and psychological colleagues, and to articulate for prospective employers the […]

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