Coalition Building


Coalition Building

Coalitions are alliances built to address certain issues or pursue tangible goals. Community Psychologists study the ways in which community-based coalitions are formed as well as characteristics of successful coalitions that can be replicated.

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Community-Academic Partnerships: Learning Even More During COVID-19

Posted in: Coalition Building, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Community/Academic partnerships can serve marginalized communities by mobilizing resources in areas where health care access is otherwise unavailable. However, relationship-building can be difficult with consideration to power differentials. Integrating community-based participatory principles into partnerships has strong potential to demonstrate a sustainable network.

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Blended Conscientisation Methods Uncover Structural Roots of Individualized Problems

Posted in: Coalition Building, Marginalized Groups, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status
Current development work can strengthen oppression and sustain de-humanisation. High levels of anxiety, shame, and hopelessness encourage dependency on existing power structures rather than collective action. Feelings of insecurity can point to a wider structural colonisation.

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Community-Based Participatory Research is Authentic and Actionable

Posted in: Coalition Building, Prevention Science
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Consumers collaborate with researchers in Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) to create data that is authentic, useful, and can directly impact service delivery systems. The process is time intensive and can be challenging. Including consumer researchers as partners is essential to understand the experience of receiving services and the impact of those services when considering improvements.

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Evaluation Consultants Get the Job Done Right for Community Interventions

Posted in: Coalition Building, Prevention Science
Consultants can assist communities to design, implement, and evaluate effective interventions. Evaluation consultants with a Community Psychology perspective are particularly valuable as the values of the field align with what many communities need.

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Peace Building and Conflict Transformation: The Work of Ramy Barhouche

Posted in: Coalition Building, Inspiration
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Ramy works in Lebanon at Search for Common Ground, an international organization that focuses on peace building by bringing different groups of people in conflict to work towards a unified solution.

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Creating Spaces for Young People to Collaborate

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Coalition Building | Tags:
Youth need support and guidance from skilled facilitators and adult facilitators need opportunities to engage in ongoing learning with their peers.

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Asset Mapping: Why to Ask Why

Posted in: Coalition Building | Tags:
Susan Jakes suggests the “why” we value certain assets in our community might be very different for the community members than for the professionals that come to help.

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With Racism Everywhere, What makes Youth “Engage Against the Machine?”

Posted in: Coalition Building, Marginalized Groups | Tags:
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Activism is a crucial part of the democratic process. Social action can be helpful in combating the exhaustion of daily inequality.

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How to Use Feedback Loops to Engage your Community

Posted in: Coalition Building, Sense of Community
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Involving marginalized voices in the community can be difficult. The Feedback Loop process is one way to more authentically engage more folks.

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Hands Across the Hills

Posted in: Coalition Building, Inspiration, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Rural Communities
The United States feels divided by race, social class, and political ideologies. Hands Across the Hills seeks to increase personal connections and promote greater understanding.

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