We define community broadly and engage in communities of many kinds. Pieces are arranged topically and the list of issue topics is continually expanding.

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Equity Generally, Must Precede Health Equity: Lessons Learned from Community Organizers

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Health providers can be better allies to communities through community organizing. Community coalitions can build capacity with health providers.

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When Healing Looks Like Justice: An Interview with Harvard Psychologist Joseph Gone (from Mad in America, 10/8/19)

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Community Psychologist, Joseph Gone considers historical trauma and the role of Indigenous healing in mental health.

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Creating Spaces for Young People to Collaborate

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Youth need support and guidance from skilled facilitators and adult facilitators need opportunities to engage in ongoing learning with their peers.

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Mental Well-Being in Men of Color

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We can use lived experience to generate strategies to enhance the mental health and well-being of men of color.

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Asset Mapping: Why to Ask Why

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Susan Jakes suggests the “why” we value certain assets in our community might be very different for the community members than for the professionals that come to help.

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Ignite Sessions now Online!

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Guess what? SCRA Ignite Sessions are now online. Ignite Presentations share research and ideas in a brief 5-minute format. Ignite your own discussions with a little bit of Community Psychology research!

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Fan Activism and Community Psychology

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Fan activism is a new area of interest that looks at how organized communities of fans come together to take action in promoting diversity, education and other focal community psychology topics.

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Hate Crimes, Gun Violence, and Extremism: The Role of Community Intervention and Positive Intergroup Contact

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How can communities become more proactive to prevent senseless tragedies from reoccurring and identify extremism and hate crime indicators?

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More than Filling Empty Bellies: How Food Banks are Evolving to Nourish Community Health

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Food insecurity is related to poor nutrition and many other negative health outcomes. Food banks can and should implement nutrition policies.

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Figure 1. The Community Resilience Framework

A Framework to Build Resilience

Posted in: Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Prevention Science
The Community Resilience Framework is a starting point for systemic assessment of resilience building efforts at the community level.

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