We invite Community Psychologists and those engaged in community work to write or re-post their ideas and stories from their work.

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Rethinking Human Trafficking Representation

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A narrow set of images has restricted the understanding of human trafficking. As many trafficking victims cross the healthcare system at some point during their captivity, providers can identify and potentially help victims become survivors by better understanding the signs of human trafficking.

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Child Labor Trafficking is a Health Care Issue

Posted in: Blog, Children, Youth and Families
A brief overview of the current extent and implications of child labor trafficking, why it’s a healthcare issue, and actionable pathways to mitigate the problem.

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Were We Critical Friends? Working with Values in Research

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Those working in program delivery often do not have the time to devote to learning new critical frameworks. A more scaffolded approach can make teachable moments by which critical reflection can become a part of the work the organisation does.

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Establishing Environmentally Sustainable Practices through Community Engagement: A “Greener” Approach to the “Wicked Problems” of Industrialization

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We can change our own individualistic lifestyle and adapt a more community-oriented and prosocial approach to environmentally sustainable behavior.

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What Does a Community Psychology Student Learn?

Posted in: Blog, History of Community Psychology
Crucial concepts in the field from a Community Psychologist teaching the subject.

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Fan Activism and Community Psychology

Posted in: Blog, History of Community Psychology, Marginalized Groups
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Fan activism is a new area of interest that looks at how organized communities of fans come together to take action in promoting diversity, education and other focal community psychology topics.

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Creating Accessible Community Psychology Documents and Websites-Some Helpful Tips

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Why Accessibility? What is Universal Design? We want for our SCRA-affiliated and Community Psychology materials to be widely used and shared by our members and community. We want to share what we know in accordance with our own organizational values for social justice. Our communities are diverse and differently-abled in terms of how we use […]

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Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda: What Listening to Joe Durlak might have done

Posted in: Blog, Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups
In 1979, a young psychologist named Joe Durlak published a controversial study in Psychological Bulletin that sent ripples through the helping professions. What Durlak sought to do was to combine all published studies that had compared the outcomes of experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers with those of paraprofessionals (i.e., nonexpert, minimally trained community volunteers and helpers). […]

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Sustaining Oneself in Community Work: Three Key Aspects

Posted in: Blog
submitted by Jordan Jurinsky Although I’m still early in career, there are three key aspects that are imperative for me in my work with communities; mapping the system I’m working in, understanding how working at different levels and on varying time frames require different types of energy, and taking time to reflect. I still remember […]

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To Liberate and Be Liberated: A Commitment to Realizing Freedom

Posted in: Blog, Marginalized Groups
submitted by Tiffeny Jimenez As a practitioner and educator, I continuously reflect on how well I apply the principles of the field, and a key part of this work involves working with others that seek to speak truth to power through a process of mutual liberation. I hold a number of roles within the community, […]

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