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Bike Equity: Can Alternative Transport Become the Great Equalizer?

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We must carefully consider urban sustainability measures and account for who most uses sustainable transportation.

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Community-Based Research With Urban American Indians

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Hartmann, W. E., Wendt, D. C., Saftner, M. D., Marcus, J. D., & Momper, S. M. “Why is it important to learn about urban American Indian communities as well as reservation communities?“ Despite the 1976 Indian Health Care Improvement Act, physical and mental health disparities exist in many American Indian (AI) populations. Approximately 70% of […]

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Promoting Meaningful Reflections about Race, Inclusion, and Equity in Learning Environments

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In this interactive webinar Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Milton Fuentes, and Helen Neville, addressed how to discuss the complex topics of diversity, inclusion, equity, privilege, race, and intersectionality in learning environments in ways that invite for reflection and self-analysis. Evidence-based strategies and models used by the researchers in their respective roles will be shared with the audience […]

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Making Higher Education More Accessible in Rural Hawai’i

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Education Centers in rural communities can serve a vital role as “access points” to higher education.

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Diversity shown through holding hands

The Concept of Diversity – SCRAs Position

Posted in: History of Community Psychology, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
On February 2, 2018 SCRA’s Executive Committee (EC) motioned to approve and endorse the following document as SCRA’s Position Statement on Diversity, and how the organization will work toward the promotion and enactment of diversity within its organization structures (e.g., committees, councils, interest groups).

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