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Effectos de la Deportación y la Separación Forzada

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
La deportación tiene numerosos impactos perjudiciales no solo en las personas que son deportadas, sino también en las familias y en las comunidades a las que estas se ven obligadas a dejar atrás. Los cambios en las políticas de los Estados Unidos sobre inmigración y deportación afectan a los individuos, las familias y las comunidades en las que ocurren las […]

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photograph of a man considering suicide

Introducing Alternatives to Suicide: An Interview with Caroline Mazel-Carlton about a New Approach to Crisis

Posted in: Mental Health, Self Help
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Suicide is a highly stigmatized topic that many people fear talking about openly (and hearing about). Often, suicidal people are afraid to share their feelings due to the possibility of being blamed, or the potential for coercive consequences such as involuntary commitment (references below). Mutual support groups can help provide a space where people can speak more freely about this topic.

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Photograph of a sign saying "Dream Job"

Teach the Children Well: Social Justice in College Predicts Preference for Socially Responsible Jobs

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Taking a social justice focused course or participating in extracurricular volunteering made it more likely for students to want to work for a socially responsible company.

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Photograph of youth protesting

With Racism Everywhere, What makes Youth “Engage Against the Machine?”

Posted in: Coalition Building, Marginalized Groups
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Activism is a crucial part of the democratic process. Social action can be helpful in combating the exhaustion of daily inequality.

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Photograph of a community meeting

How to Use Feedback Loops to Engage your Community

Posted in: Coalition Building, Sense of Community
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Involving marginalized voices in the community can be difficult. The Feedback Loop process is one way to more authentically engage more folks.

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Photograph of a flower

Just Living is Not Enough: Community Gardens Promote Life and Connection to Others

Posted in: Environment, Sense of Community
Community gardens are more than pretty spaces. We can (and should) measure pro-social community-level programs to better understand how and why they work.

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photograph of an upside down apple

Demystifying Decolonialization: A Practical Example from the Classroom

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Decolonization is a process of examining and undoing unearned privilege resulting from historical and present day injustice. As a process, decolonization can push students from apathy to develop a sense of activism.

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Making Empirically Based Knowledge Cool Again #MEBKCA-Holly Angelique, Candalyn Rade, Traci Weinstein

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Dr. Holly Angelique and Dr. Traci Weinstein created what is most certainly a viral hashtag (or bumper sticker motto!) #MEBKCA – Make Empirically Based Knowledge Cool Again.

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Early to Bed, More Organized to Rise? Preliminary Evidence Shows that an Earlier Bedtime may be Beneficial for Teens’ Cognitive Functioning

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Mental Health
Getting enough sleep is important for mood, physical functioning, and the brain’s ability to function. Teens with later bedtimes demonstrate lower overall executive functioning performance. Some aspects of executive functioning may be more sensitive to sleep than others.

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Photograph of Project Participants

Hands Across the Hills

Posted in: Coalition Building, Inspiration, Poverty and Socioeconomic Status, Rural Communities
The United States feels divided by race, social class, and political ideologies. Hands Across the Hills seeks to increase personal connections and promote greater understanding.

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