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What is Decolonialization and Where did it Come From?

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Colonization is the exploitation of resources and imposition of European cultures and geopolitical powers upon Indigenous (native) cultures. Learn more about its impact today.

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Leonard Jason, director of the Center for Community Research

How and Why Community Psychology Focuses on Prevention

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Lenny Jason explains that Psychology is more than therapy by examining the field of community psychology.

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Pathways to Decolonizing the Sex Industries

Posted in: Inspiration, Marginalized Groups
Former sex worker, Christa Sacco discusses decoloniality by and with people in the sex industries to inspire a different type of conversation around the sex industries, sex  work, and human trafficking.

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Photograph of Protest

A Modern Example of Colonialism: We Will Not Forget Ayotzinapa

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Inspiration
The struggle for decoloniality of knowledge is happening not only in rural Mexico, but in the United States and in marginalized communities all over the world.

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Photograph of rural Australia

Residential Mobility as a Community Organizing Concern in Rural Australia

Posted in: Public Policy, Rural Communities
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Lack of attention to the contexts for mobility has led to contradictions in public discourse. Over-generalization risks losing the necessary complexity to develop appropriate policy.

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Photograph of Ponte Galeria Train Station

What is Life Like in an Immigrant Detention Center?

Posted in: Immigrant Justice, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy, Sense of Community | Tags:
The inhumanity of detention has far reaching effects on communities outside of the detention facility.

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A Love Letter to Marie Jahoda

Posted in: History of Community Psychology, Inspiration
Marie Jahoda’s early multi-method work and strengths-based community perspective makes her a grandmother in the field of Community Psychology.

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Infograph: Effects of Deportation and Forced Separation on Immigrants, their Families, and Communities

Posted in: Children, Youth and Families, Immigrant Justice, Marginalized Groups, Public Policy
A companion to our policy statement, this infographic is useful for immigration-related advocacy.

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Photograph of a prison block

Preventing Future Crime by Addressing Childhood Sexual Abuse and Later Non-Consensual Sexual Experiences in a Community Context

Posted in: Criminal Justice, Mental Health
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Trauma history is linked with later criminal activity. Rehabilitation through the Justice System is limited when it does not address the sexual trauma history of inmates. More work needs to be done to address the cycle of sexual violence within the community.

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photograph of Jessica Drum

Community Psychology in the Cloud: How One CP Practitioner Uses the Practice Competencies to Work in Everyone’s Community

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Community Psychologists work in online communities too! Nicole Freund interviews Jessica Drum about how her degree in Community Psychology enriches Facebook communities.

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