Social Justice Through Collaborative Research and Action

What is Community Psychology?

Social justice. Action-oriented research. Global in nature. Influencing public policy. Working for empowerment. Multidisciplinary in focus. Celebrating culture. Preventing harm. Behavior in context. Social action. Supporting community strengths. Reducing oppression. Promoting well-being. Scientific inquiry. Honoring human rights. Respecting diversity.

Community psychology goes beyond an individual focus and integrates social, cultural, economic, political, environmental, and international influences to promote positive change, health, and empowerment at individual and systemic levels.

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Dreams Assessment Model and Dreamandments Outline how Black Students can Thrive

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Community Researchers can drive transformative research methodologies to address racial justice. The Village of Wisdom guided new Community Researchers to develop a dream plan equipping community members with a set of tools to organize, advocate, and advance equity.

Figure 1: considerations for pronoun circles based on student input and trans scholarship related to the practice, with quotations related to the experience described or references to further discussions of the topic.

Drawing on the Experiences of Trans Students to Inform Pronoun Disclosure in Higher Education Settings

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How pronouns are addressed can seriously impact a student’s well-being. I provide some considerations for how an instructor or mentor might approach pronoun disclosure with the goal of increasing comfort and decreasing coercion, based on the experiences of six trans undergraduate students who advised these recommendations through qualitative interviews and text submissions, and my own […]

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Screen Mothers, Help Kids: An Innovative Community-Based Partnership Helps Amplify the Voices of Children

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Children are often the unheard voices of domestic violence. Screening mothers for the impact of domestic violence on their kids is one way to connect kids with appropriate DV services in the community.

Improving Mental Health in Rural Youth

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This project and study incorporate community members and students into a decision-making process to guide community-level mental health interventions for youth. The CBPR method encourages agency and decision-making power. Community involvement may lead to greater community connectedness.

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What Does Blackness Mean in Puerto Rico? Opening a Dialogue to Embrace Our Heritage

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Puerto Ricans can be challenged with their African ancestry. Researchers wrestled with memories of childhood, oral traditions of ancestry, historical evidence, and live observations towards Blackness on the island. Narrative evidence contributes to the challenges of unlearning anti-Blackness in the lands that have thrived because of the Transatlantic slave trade.

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An Open-Access Textbook for Students, Teachers, Community-Based Organizations, Researchers, and Others

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A free e-Textbook providing examples of Community Psychology practice. Case studies highlight transformational work happening in communities globally. Students say, “The book is helpful in moving theory to practice.”